The coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we know it this year. The world came to a stop for more than three months as we all had to isolate to avoid infection. As the months go by, we are finding ways to live alongside this pandemic. This means that gradually things are going back to normal but with attention being paid to keeping safe.

It has not been different for the wedding industry. As a Berkshire event styling company, we’ve seen weddings adapt to this pandemic. If you are having your wedding soon, you should aim to follow social distancing rules and keep your guests safe. Here are some tips that we think will be useful if you’re having your wedding in the UK during this covid period.

  • You Should Have A Contingency Plan

As the days for your wedding come closer, do your best to keep calm. Factor the pandemic in your wedding planning and stay up to date. Having current information will help you know how to handle your wedding and decide which of the following plans to adopt.

Plan 1: Your wedding continues as planned because it is safe. The infection rate is not too high, and you can easily take safety precautions. You should also confirm that your wedding venue does the same.

Plan 2: Take your RSVPs seriously. Be prepared to understand that not all of your guests will make it for your event. How do you intend to handle that? Whatever happens, please remember that it is easier to implement social distancing with a smaller guest list.

Plan 3: If the number of infections is too high by the time your wedding rolls around, you might have to postpone. In cases like this, always have a backup plan and remember that good health is essential.

Where Plan 1 is your situation, then it’s time to go ahead with your wedding planning. Please keep the following in mind as you make plans for a successful celebration.

  • Communication Is Important

The first and foremost communication method that would be most effective is a wedding website. There are many free templates that you can use to get one or you can hire a professional to make one for you. Put up regular updates with information about your wedding date, time and venue. We’ve also seen some couples have a Facebook group and hold Zoom meetings with their wedding party.

  • Sanitise and Wash Hands 

A sanitising station is a necessity at your wedding in the UK during this pandemic. Your venue will probably set up some, but where they don’t, you can do so yourself. It should have alcohol-based sanitisers, water and antibacterial soap. If you’re worried about it sticking out like a sore thumb, we can design it to fit in with your wedding styling.

  • Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing should be one of the essential rules enforced at your wedding. Handshakes and hugging should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, guests should be encouraged to say a hygienic hello. There should also be frequent hand washing. You can find ways to include this as a fun activity in your wedding program.

  • Pay Attention to Your Wedding Food

A buffet might not be the safest idea for your wedding in the UK during this pandemic. Instead, you can have a sit-down dinner with servers which have been confirmed safe. If you must, however, have a buffet, guests should serve themselves with their own private utensils. This is safer than having a general one which everyone shares.

  • Digitalise Your Wedding

There’s a chance you will have to reduce your guest list at this time. To keep many of your loved ones in the hoop, consider digitalising your wedding. You can live stream on apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of the members of your wedding party can be assigned to handle this part of your wedding.

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